Exercise for anyone

Don’t wait until this is you! The great thing about exercise is that EVERYONE can do something regularly. My experience as an Exercise Physiologist has been primarily in chronic disease management, meaning that most of my patients suffer from complex medical conditions, ranging from high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, to arthritis or significant “physical impairments”.Continue reading “Exercise for anyone”

Isolation versus compound exercises

A comprehensive resistance exercise program should involve both isolation and compound exercises. Isolation exercises focus on a particular muscle to ensure it is working properly. This will then enable the muscle, and subsequently, the joint to perform correctly, improving its functionality and reducing pain. Compound exercises, however, are more ‘functional’ as they involve more thanContinue reading “Isolation versus compound exercises”

What is Exercise Physiology?

So what, exactly, IS “Exercise Physiology”?? Exercise Physiology is the study of how exercise impacts the body. Good question! In a nutshell, Exercise Physiology is “the prescription of exercise to assist in the management of chronic disease”. It serves to improve quality of life and maintaining independence. In my job in Sydney I saw patientsContinue reading “What is Exercise Physiology?”